Patryk Poźniak

Front-End Developer

Hello there!

I am young and ambitious web developer from Poland. Programming is my passion since childhood. I've took the front-end path, and now I am strongly focusing on JavaScript, constantly learning to keep up with all the newest trends. I always try to write elegant, readable and efficient code using the best practices. Sharing the knowledge gives me lots of satisfaction and I am always willing to help.

As a hobby I really like to develop games in Unity, which I am constantly learning. I'm a big fan of heavy music, going to gigs quite often. Also I'm a father of calcAge(new Date(2016, 9, 20));old son.

What do I know?

Or think I know:




In future

Things I've done

  • Life counters

    • JavaScript
    • Vue.js

    Count down everything in your life! Small project in Vue.js which I had to learn, to help my friend get into patronage project.

  • Region Explorer

    • JavaScript

    Interactive map of Australian regions, postcode search, and filterable list of cities. Page will be available externally in the future

  • TIO Report

    • Website
    • JavaScript

    Simple one-page website, with book-like behavior on mobile devices.

  • Pp Chat

    • JavaScript
    • React.js

    Web chat created as a job interview task. React, Sockets and Node - fun.

  • Leveraged

    • Website

    My first serious project in the career. Simple big website, which taught me a lot in a hurtful way.


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